Caravan Sites, Caravan Parks and Campsites in County Londonderry

The County of Londonderry took its name from that city Londonderry, also known as Derry, one of five cities in Northern Ireland. The county has plenty to offer weary caravaners with a mass of caravan sites spread around the countryside – you’ll find somewhere to suit everyone’s needs.

Derry is a 6th century city which is full of history, culture and creativity. Embraced by well-preserved 17th century defensive walls that have never been breached, caravners new to the area can meander through the bustling city streets and listen to the echoes of the 1450 years of history whilst marvelling at the ever-changing skyline of the city, popping into the occasional shops, cafes and restaurants. Voted 4th in Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel Guide 2013’and the city of culture in 2013.

Londonderry also offers caravaners the opportunity to visit the National Trust-owned Plantation estate at Springhill, Mussenden Temple with spectacular views of the Atlantic ocean as well as the dikes, artificial coastlines and the noted bird sanctuaries on the eastern shore of Lough Foyle and the visitor centre at Bellaghy Bawn, close to the childhood home of Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney. Alternatively the centre of the county caravaners will find the old-growth deciduous forests at Banagher and Ness Wood, where the Burntollet River flows over the highest waterfalls in Northern Ireland. It truly is an un- miss -able place to visit!

Map of Caravan Sites and Caravan Parks in County Londonderry